Established in 2004, Eletec Elevators specializes in supply and installation of home lifts. But with experience and knowledge built up over the years as well as the increase strength from its ever growing staff pool, we have moved on to supplying customizable lifts such as bubble lifts, passenger lifts and even car lifts.
Having close liaison with Original Device Manufacturers (ODMs) and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in China, Taiwan and Europe; as well as working closely with designers and architects, the company is able to better provide a range of lift equipment for the customers.

The company’s philosophy emphasizes on the company’s learning and adaptive aspects. More importantly, the company is able to deliver quality products with due consideration to cost-effectiveness as well as satisfying the requirements of the individual customer.
Eletec Elevators focuses on cost-leadership coupled with product and service differentiation, allowing the company to work towards its goal to become a major lift supplier and a leader in the Singapore elevator industry.