Modernisation & Maintenance
High level of performance

Our trademarked Eletec brand of elevators are manufactured
in Taiwan incorporating the latest Japanese technology.

Eletec Elevators Singapore Pte Ltd was founded in Singapore in the year 2004. Its early reputation was built on its highly innovative and customizable work in the private residence sector. Eletec Elevators has since grown considerably and has won recognition and been awarded the BEI Asia Awards 2013 in the Built Environment Industry.

We have been involved in projects spanning across the island of Singapore.

We define our goals as having satisfied customers who only receive high quality and complete service. We place high emphasis on learning and adaptive capabilities so as to meet product quality and the requirements to meet customers’ specifications and situational changes.
Demands made on your building will increase as time passes. Technological advancement, particularly improvement in safety level and introduction of new legislation are factors which affect the decision to modernise. High level of performance, reliability and safety of the modernised lifting equipment can be achieved and commissioned by our professional team.
BEI Asia Awards Cert
BEI Asia Awards
BizSafe Cert